myPACS Veterinary

What is myPACS?

myPACS is a Web based picture archiving and communications system (PACS) made just for Vets.

A PACS system stores files from various imaging systems, or Modalities in PACS terminology.

myPACS allows your Practice to consolidate all the images collected on your client’s animals in one place which is securely stored.

myPACS stored images can be viewed using a Internet Browser, mobile phone or iPAD from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Your images in myPACS can be easily shared with your clients, or for referrals, this is the ‘Communications’ aspect of a PACS system.

Why would I use myPACS?

By using myPACS you avoid the headaches of performing backups of your client’s images. You have no need to buy and maintain expensive RAID hardware to keep your images safe and available.

myPACS has extensive searching capabilities, allowing you to find a particular image years after you created it.

You free your images from being locked into separate modality silos. Once the image is in myPACS you have the freedom to access it from anywhere in the world using an Internet Browser.

Try out the demo to get a feel for what you can do with myPACS

Where do I start?

  1. Sign up for a Free trial account
  2. Get your images into myPACS from SoPRO imaging.
    Download the SoPRO Image Uploader onto the PC SoPRO is installed on and it will transfer you existing and any new images up into myPACS.
  3. Manually upload other images into myPACS
  4. Use the search box on the dashboard to find a client's images
  5. View the images in the DICOM viewer by clicking on the image, use the image maniuplation tools to help make your diagnosis
  6. Download the images or share the images direct from myPACS with your clients
  7. Sit back and relax knowing we are securely looking after and backing up all your data